Entertaining you makes me truly happy. Yes, I love the art of cabaret, and I hope you agree with me that it is meant to become the “voice in your heart.” It's fun, too! So, let me share my thoughts and my tunes with you. Some of my songs will make you laugh, while others will lead you to sweet reflections.

I want to thank the special people who help me navigate my musical journey. Thanks to Jim Cebastien, Beckie Menzie, Bob Moreen, Dan Stetzel, Erv Raible, Lina Koutrakos Christine Lavin and David Edelfelt for the roadmaps. Thanks to the faculty at the 2006 Cabaret Conference at Yale, most of all Amanda McBroom and Alex Rybeck. Heartfelt gratitude to all connected with the 2007 Perry-Mansfield Professional Cabaret workshop, especially Andrea Marcovicci and Shelly Markham.

I am grateful to Stu Hamstra of Cabaret Hotline and Editor-in-chief, Frank Dain at Cabaret Scenes for the opportunities to write about my delicious art as a reviewer and reporter.

It takes a village to grow a cabaret singer.

Hearty thanks to the Chicago Cabaret Professionals. I was honored to participate its annual Park West Gala and enjoyed singing Fifties songs in the March Series .

Hugs to my impassioned friend Katerina (of Katerina’s), First Night, Evanston and Donna, Sue, and Deb at Davenport’s Cabaret for your lovely venues. I'm excited about performing at the Taste of Chicago in 2008!

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have come to my shows to laugh and to dream. You make my music truly alive.
With so much love,